Sunday, September 29, 2013

SV #1: Unit F Concept 10: Finding all real and imaginary zeroes of a polynomial

What is this problem about?
This problem utilizes rational roots theorem and Descartes' Rule of Signs. It is similar to Concept 6 but this time we find all real and complex zeroes. This makes it a bit more difficult to solve since we are now dealing with a possibility of imaginary zeroes and harder quadratics formulas to solve once that step is reached.

What does the viewer need to pay special attention to in order to understand?
The viewer needs to pay special attention to every tiny detail because it is very possible to make a mistake in Descartes' Rule of Signs or some other step. They should also pay special attention to imaginary numbers and always remember they come in conjugates. Be sure to carefully factor the x's that come out of quadratic equations.

**also try to watch the video on full screen or on youtube for best viewing
OH and thank you for watching!

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