Thursday, October 24, 2013

SP #3: Unit I Concept 1: Finding Parts & Graphing Exponential Functions

Let's start off by breaking off the steps to solve this problem!
So you first find the parts of the equation such as a, h, b, and k as in the first box. You then find your asymptote because your equation for this is y=k (remember YAK). You then proceed to find x and y intercepts (hint, you won't be able to find one of these *nudge nudge*) After this you can plot in the equation into your graphing calculator as is but remember to put parantheses around (x-1). Your domain and range should be especially easy to find, domain anyway. Your range depends on the location of the asymptote.

Ok so now:

What is this problem about?

This problem covers our favorite exponential functions and how to solve for their key parts. We use horizontal asymptotes for exponential graphs. So this is like intertwining two concepts (the graphing functions and exponential stuff)

What do you need to pay special attention to in order to understand? 

The exponentual YaK died! Don't forget that there will be no x-intercept because a is positive and it must go above the asymptote of y = 2. Range will depend on the location of the asymptote and direction the graph goes off in. Other than that don't forget to pay attention to what you input in your calculator! And do not make simple mistakes as I do and think h will be -1 instead of +1. OH and do not forget that when (1/2) is raised to -1, it will be become because you flip the fraction to get its reciprocal.

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