Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fibonacci Beauty Ratio

Beauty Ratio (phi) is 1.618

And the most mathematically beautiful person based on the beauty ratio out of these five is .... *drumroll please* Mr. Lee!!!

It was a very close tie between Mr. Lee and Victoria but by a thousandth Mr. Lee won. He was the closest to 1.618. Third place would go to Jorge, with Sandibel and Julian following behind in fourth and fifth.**

The Beauty Ratio is pretty swell since Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man demonstrates body mathematical perfection. But to have that mathematical perfection is hard to actually have since we are human and humans are complicated creatures faaar from perfection. Even Mrs. Kirch said she hasn't seen a person be exactly 1.618! The results of the experiment aren't all that accurate when you consider all the dependent factors in it, like shoes, some people's measurements could be off if their shoe had a slight heel that increased their overall height. Also, as the class period neared the end, measurements were hastily taken (Victoria and Mr. Lee in my case) However if this experiment was to happen again with more time and exact calculations, the results would have more validity.


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