Thursday, November 14, 2013

SP #4: Unit J Concept 5: Partial Fraction Decomposition with distinct factors


What is this problem about?

This problem is about breaking down partial fractions, ooh my favorite! Ha...but we use our knowlegdge of systems that we have learned in the last few concepts here. This algebraic skill will be very useful to us in process of integration in calculus next year woo hoo. So we're basically breaking fractions apart here.

What must the viewer pay special attention to in order to understand?

You, as the viewer, must pay attention to your foiling, I can gurantee you will get this wrong if you do not properly foil (I say this because I originally got my own problem wrong the first time around, so trust me because I speak from experience.) But other than that, make sure you don't drop a negative and be sure to properly distribute and combine like terms. Also do not forget simple little rules like dropping the x^2 and x's near the end to set up your system. Other than this, you should be good!

**little tip: if the writing is hard to make out, just click on the image to zoom (in case you didn't know)**

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