Sunday, November 17, 2013

SP #5: Unit J Concept 6: Partial Fraction Decomposition with repeated factors

What is this problem about?

This problem is very similar to SP#5 with partial fraction decomposition. There is one important difference however: this problem has repeated factors. It is still a very similar way of solving it however, you just need to pay more attention to factoring as seeing that one little slip-up can give you a wrong answer. This one is much more difficult than others because it has four values to solve for but you can do it with a little perserverance. 

What must the viewer pay special attention to in order to understand? 

Please be sure to properly count up to the powers and don't confuse the number of the power for a term in the binomial. Like I said before with the foiling, be careful! You do not want to drop a negative somewhere. Be sure to distribute the letter of the value as that will be very important to get your system. Also be careful of combining like terms. Other than that, you should get through this problem just fine!

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