Sunday, December 8, 2013

SP #6: Unit K Concept 10: Writing Repeating Decimals as Rational Numbers

 What is this problem about?
Sometimes in life, or in math analysis, you will come across a repeating decimal. Now we want to find its geometric infinite sum without a calculator! The sum we find will be the number that the term converges on but will never reach. 

What must the viewer pay special attention to in order to understand?
Viewer, please, please, please pay careful attention to your decimal places especially when solving for the ratio.
Also be sure to multiply both sides of the fraction by the denominator's reciprocal. Save yourself the hassle and be sure to plug in the correct terms into the formula. At the end do not forget to add your whole number to the decimal part or else your answer will be incomplete. Once you have done that, always check to see if the fraction can simplify!

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