Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SP #7: Unit Q Concept 2: Finding all trig functions when given one trig function and quadrant

This SP #7 was made in collaboration with Anthony Lopez. Please visit the other awesome and non-cheesebuckety posts on their blog by going here.
**Also, both Anthony (cheesebucket) and I worked together on this post but someone *cough*Anthony*cough* has poor penmanship so in order to spare you the trouble of trying to decipher it, here it is in my writing. 

Identity Work

 What is this problem about? 
This quadrant discusses how to find ALL trig. functions when you are given one trig. functions and quadrant, using the identities from concept 1. It allows us to apply these fundamental identities to more difficult concepts such as this one.

What must the viewer pay special attention to in order to understand? 
You first have to decide the quadrant in which the values lie in by using ASTC quadrants, this will only determine the signs (very important!!) But also please remember you must using reciprocal, ratio, or Pythagorean identities to find the remaining values (don't rely on just SOHCAHTOA, we will use this to find our values.) AND you can only have ONE unknown trig function within solving the identity no matter what identities you use. Also make sure that you properly rationalize all your answers!!

SOHCAHTOA Work (Verification)

We use SOHCAHTOA to verify our answers from the identities we had previously used. We found the hypotenuse value by using the Pythagorean theorem and then simply used the values from the triangle in our ratios to verify that what we had originally gotten with the identities was correct. 

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