About Me

'Ello there mate! I'm not British, I wish I was though because how adorable are their accents? 

So a little about myself and my interests/passions/obsessions whatnot. I enjoy going to the seaside and collecting shells (no, unfortunately my name is not Sally), visiting museums, riding my bicycle, thrift shopping, admiring architecture, going to bookstores and coffeehouses (I drink way more coffee than I should), crafting art projects and writing letters to my penpals. I love purchasing records and jamming out to rad tunes when the apartment is empty. My music taste ranges far and wide but some of my all-time favorite musicians are City&Colour, Incubus, RHCP, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club, Alt-J ugh ok the list can go on and on actually. P.S. I have a love for jazz that most people aren't aware about. Don't even ask me what my favorite book is because I'll babble forever. I'm deeply interested in history and the people who shape and change it. I love taking photos, just capturing the essence of the moment is absolutely brilliant. I usually spend the late hours of the night a)sleeping b)shamelessly writing c)doing homework I didn't get a chance to earlier.  I wear my heart on sleeve. I wish to travel and learn more about other cultures and the other 7 billion people in the world. 

I have a very, very fond place in my heart of hearts for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Frida Kahlo, Matthew Gray Gubler, John Green and a myriad of other slight obsessions. 

As a student, I enjoy English a whole lot. It's constantly been with me since I was a wee one and my mother read to me as I was little. I've been a bookworm since 1997. Writing was always a specialty of mine. Words are powerful, "the pen is mightier than the sword." Honestly, math isn't one of my all time favorite subjects (sorry Mrs. Kirch!) I do always try my best in math and science though, they're just not my strengths. I'm more of a creative person, I'm more right-brained than left. I learn best with visuals and one-on-one time because making connections are important to me and it stays and resonates with me if it occurs in person. Human connections is the utmost basic foundation of my life. OH and my life-long dream is to be Jedi. If that is not fulfilled, I hope to become an published writer/ photographer/happy person. 

So this word vomit is all who I am, now what about you?